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PIVX launched in January 2016. The coin is currently spendable and provides the privacy features it maintains, though its not yet a widely accepted currency by merchants.

Future plans for PIVX include governance functions to engage the community, wallet voting, and its own zPIV decentralized exchange.

Kyber Network launched their mainnet in Q1 2018, enabling instantaneous and protected inter-token settlements through a Decentralized Liquidity Network.



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Its currently feasible to swap ERC-20 tokens on the network with only a couple of mouse clicks, giving it some simple functionality that is already being used to improve liquidity for Ethereum tokens.



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In the future, nevertheless, Kyber Network will expand its functionality significantly in an effort to seamlessly connect dapps, DEXes, protocols, payment systems, token teams, investors, fund managers, and digital pockets.

Bancor is a liquidity provider that enables users to exchange tokens with no need for a third party to be involved in financing the transaction.

Gaining liquidity is incredibly important for young cryptocurrency jobs, because lack of liquidity makes it risky for most investors to purchase a considerable amount of a given coin or token, knowing that it may be exceedingly hard to sell should they wish to.

Bancors technology makes it feasible to convert one token to another, so that investors can be confident that they wont be stuck involuntarily holding a cryptocurrency that they want to market. This functionality creates the Bancor Liquidity Network one of the very promising working products on this listing, and one that has already achieved a whole lot of adoption. .

Loom Network remains less than a year old, having been founded in October 2017. However, they have achieved a lot in that short time span, including having launched numerous tools to assist software developers learn how to build blockchain solutions.



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The most important of these tools and Looms greatest working product is the Loom software development kit (SDK).

But, Loom Network is a lot more than only a straightforward blockchain coding academy. It's likewise a production-ready scalability solution for Ethereum, since the Loom developer toolkit helps developers to build highly scalable dapps which connect into the Ethereum blockchain through particular side chains called DappChains.



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The undertaking might still be in its infancy, but Loom Network is currently contributing more utility to the cryptocurrency ecosystem than the huge majority of additional cryptocurrency projects.

Polymath wants to be the worlds go-to resource for security tokens on the blockchain. What Ethereum did for tokens, Polymath will do for securities.



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The advantages of this are enormous, but the Polymath team likes to point to 24/7 market access, the elimination of middlemen, and trading access for 2 billion unbanked individuals around the world since the main benefits of the efforts.

The Polymath platform launched in October check my source 2017, and has since released a new security token every week, attracting investors and dealers alike. Its not as exciting about a project as a few other blockchain tech, but its delivering on its promises with a working product.

Bibox is a encrypted digital asset exchange whose chief differentiator from other crypto exchanges is that it integrates AI technology.

The purpose of this AI is to help Biboxs traders, which it does by providing quantitative computation and analysis of trading activity, personalized risk allocation plan, speech recognition, and objective analysis of the several coins and tokens listed on the exchange.



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The Bibox exchange first launched back in November 2017. It's operation centers in the US, Canada, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Estonia. BIX token holders get 20 percent of the exchange earnings, and get discounts on trading charges, very similar to Binance.

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